Welcome! I’m Cecelia Earl and I write contemporary novels with young adult characters.

My contemporary angel novel When Ash Rains Down was released on my 40th birthday, January 4, 2017. Two follow-up novels will be released in May and August. My books are available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon and Createspace. To learn more about my books go here.

I’ll also write two companion novellas this year. Those will be sold only as e-books on Amazon, but will be included in a FREE starter library for my newsletter subscribers. If you’re interested in receiving those as soon as they’re ready, you can sign up here.

In 2018, I will release a prequel trilogy from the point of view of a character you’ll meet in When Ash Rains Down… Have you read it already? Do you have any guesses who that character may be?

Some of my favorite books when I was a young adult were contemporary realistic novels, like A is for Amy, Allegra, the Sweet Valley High series, and many more. So in addition to paranormal novels, I love to write realistic fiction for teens (and teens at heart!). I have two novels ready to be revised and professionally edited, so I plan to release those as single titles in 2019.

Basically, if you’re a reader who’s young at heart, I write for you. I hope you like my books. I’ll have that FREE starter library ready for you soon. Right now I’m also working on getting some FREE sample chapters ready for my newsletter subscribers so you can check out my Kingdom Come series without spending a single penny.

Feel free to find me on twitter, facebook, or shoot me an email. I’d love to know more about you and the books you love. Readers are important to me, so if you tell me more about your literary tastes and habits, I’ll better be able to serve your reading preferences. Feel free to send any reading friends and family members my way if you think they might enjoy some, or all, of my novels! To learn more about me go here.

Much love, Cecelia ❤