Angels like you’ve never seen them before…

In a world where angels and demons stay hidden from human sight, one girl must accept she’s not quite human and prepare for the impending battle between heaven and hell.


Hell is nothing like Julia imagined and beyond everything she feared…

Read the exciting conclusion to The Shady Creek Trilogy this July, and stay tuned for more in the Kingdom Come series: The Stories of Summersby Corner.

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Early reviews for When Fire Rains Down:

“Amazing. Brilliant. As always! ❤ I just love your stories and your author voice. Truly. ” Kayla R., Editor, Hot Tree Editing

“What a beautiful story! I love Julia so much! How strong and determined she is and how in the end she mastered it all. Truly an amazing end! ” Barbara H., Beta Reader

“I think this was an amazing way to end the trilogy…. Just perfect.” Crystal E., Beta Reader

“Exciting, fast-paced and super addictive!” ~ Reads and Reels Book and Movie Reviewer

Kingdom Come Companion Short Stories and Novellas

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Kingdom Come Trilogy

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I’m Cecelia Earl and I write young adult fiction. My current series is contemporary supernatural fiction (angels and demons). There are tough female characters, battles, supportive friendships that sometimes need a little TLC, and of course romance! To learn more about my books go here.

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I assembled a collection of my published and forthcoming works (an entire FREE short story and samples of the novels and novellas in my series) along with some notes and unpublished, behind-the-scenes Kingdom Come flash fiction for you. There’s also a Q and A with me about the series, my writing, and publishing, and some additional information and fun extras.

Hope you like it! It’s FREE, a way to sample my writing and get to know more about the writer behind the author before spending a single penny. Sign up for my readers’ list and to get your collection here.

The collection includes:

  • Before the Ashes (the entire short story prequel from Kari’s POV for free)
  • When Ash Rains Down (the first 19 chapters of the complete novel, book 1, free)
  • After the Ashes (two chapters of novella, book 1.5 from Warrior Angel Mila’s POV, free)
  • When Smoke Rains Down (the first 8 chapters of the complete novel, book 2, free)
  • After the Smoke (for now, the blurb and cover of novella, book 2.5 from Cole’s POV)
  • When Fire Rains Down (MANY of the first pages of my unedited draft of the novel, book 3)
  • After the Fire (for now, the blurb and cover of the post-series short story from Mitch’s POV)
  • Exclusive author notes from the points of view of Cole, Nicholas, Mr. Star, and Azarius as I delved into their personalities and motivations as well as notes on the setting, Shady Creek, Wisconsin
  • A note to readers (several actually)
  • A Q and A about me, my writing, publishing, the characters, and my thoughts on the Kingdom Come series

My e-books are all enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program so you can read them all FREE on Amazon if you’re a subscriber. (For a limited time only. All books will soon be available on all online retailers and will no longer be available in KU.)

Some of my favorite books are contemporary novels like The Sky Is Everywhere, Anna and the French Kiss, and Fangirl, so in addition to paranormal novels, I love to write realistic fiction for teens (and teens at heart!). I have two novels ready to be revised and edited, so I plan to release those as single titles in 2018-19 along with the conclusion of The Shady Creek Trilogy.

Basically, if you’re a reader who’s young at heart, I write for you. I hope you like my books!

Feel free to find me on twitter, facebook, Instagram, or shoot me an email. My username is always @authorcecelia.

I’d love to know more about you and the books you love. Readers are important to me, so if you tell me more about your literary tastes and habits, I’ll better be able to serve your reading preferences. Feel free to send any reading friends and family members my way if you think they might enjoy some, or all, of my novels!

To learn more about me go here.

Much love,

Cecelia ❤