MF5 – Thoughts About The Last Jedi Negativity (Spoilers) — My Side Of The Laundry Room

I read this blog post before Christmas and referenced it so much during family celebrations, that I decided to return to it to reblog it.

My family and I viewed the movie on my six-year-old son’s sixth birthday, just days before Christmas. First, we went out to dinner where I gifted the seven of us (my hubby, three sons, mil and bil (who shares my son’s birthday) a Star Wars T-shirt. (I’ll have to come back to share a pic later on. It’s on my hubby’s phone, and he’s just left to take my son to his indoor Holiday baseball tournament.) So, we were crazed Star Wars fans that evening. Though I was born in 1977 and grew up with the hype of Star Wars, I wasn’t a true fan until I met Rey last year. She’s my favorite character, though I thoroughly enjoyed Jyn from Rogue One as well. So, as was my birthday boy, I was beside myself with excitement. (Hence, the T-shirts.)

We all enjoyed the movie. My husband was the most negative, which is why this blog post grabbed my attention. He feels the movie was forced and didn’t flow as organically as the originals. He couldn’t put his finger on why, though he was one of the many disappointed by Snoke’s unimportance, and considered the notion that this movie acted more like a bridge to connect the Star Wars fans of the past with a new generation of fans. He thought it more nostalgic than necessary to include Luke and Leia as well as certain “expected” scenes: battle scenes, scenes with the odd characters from a different planet, …. My eldest son was the one who’d been watching theories on the character behind Snoke since last year’s movie. He (still) believes Snoke is really Darth Plagueis who has now entered Kylo Ren.

As for Luke, this blog post helped me to appreciate his character arc and accept that he acted in a way that a Master Jedi would. I can even appreciate the necessity for the antagonist’s sole purpose to propel the main characters forward, however, I prefer all the characters to have full background stories and motivations and arcs of their own. All in all, I didn’t have any expectations, and the movie left me thrilled by Rey’s strength, which was all I wanted out of it, so happy was I.

There is a hail storm of negativity regarding Rian Johnson’s directorial debut in the Star Wars Universe. People just seem bound and determined to dislike (or loath) the new direction our beloved franchise is going and each and every one of them want their

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