Okay, I’ve decided on 20/25 titles for my 2018 #Goodreads #TBR List

It took me a bit, and I didn’t put a ton of thought into this list, so I know I’m missing titles I want to read ASAP.

I’ve never decided a year’s book list ahead of time before, but I wanted to up my challenge this year (even though I didn’t even come close to reading 25 titles last year).

But since this year’s main goal as an author is to be efficient and business-like, that should free up lots of time for reading and relaxing… ahem, authorly research.

Anyhoo, the plan is to read and then come back here to cross of the titles as I go, kind of like a physical book pile that I can remove books from as I read them throughout the year after I read them, while also sharing my thoughts on the books with you.

Any idea which books should fill my open five slots? I’m taking recommendations! (Maybe you remember the five books I’d said I was going to add but forgot to… )

Cecelia’s bookshelf: tbr2018




5 thoughts on “Okay, I’ve decided on 20/25 titles for my 2018 #Goodreads #TBR List

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