Kingdom Come Series

Angels like you’ve never seen them before…

Readers say,

“Julia is tough as nails! Even before she learns her true identity she is incredibly strong. She is loyal and fiercely devoted to her family. When her family is threatened she does not fall apart. She does what needs to be done. I would love a girl like her in my corner.”

I love stories with strong female protagonists and AFTER THE ASHES has one to top all.”

“Two dreamy angels to drool over!”

“Quick reads packed with non-stop action.”

Cecelia says,

My series dives into questions about free will, life after death, and what it means to be human in a world where angels and demons are becoming more involved as the final battle between heaven and hell approaches. #angelsarereal


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This short story is a prequel to the Kingdom Come Series told from Kari’s point of view.

Kari’s actions will shake the world as she knows it… and there’s nothing she can do to fix the error of her ways.


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The first book in the Kingdom Come series. This is only the beginning of Julia’s story…

Julia spent her childhood putting her life in order after abandonment, but now, it’s all coming unraveled again.


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This is the original cover and remains the cover for the paperback copies of When Ash Rains Down.


after the ashes
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This novella falls between books one and two and is told from Warrior Angel Mila’s point of view.

It is a behind the scenes look at the hierarchy of angels from Cecelia Earl’s Kingdom Come series.


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This is the second novel in the Kingdom Come series, the continuation of Julia’s story.

If only humans knew the invisible danger lurking around them…


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This is the original cover and remains the cover for the paperback copies of When Smoke Rains Down.


Coming Soon

A Kingdom Come Novella, Book 2.5 from Cole’s Point of View– After the Smoke

Book Three– When Fire Rains Down

A Kingdom Come Short Story, from Mitch’s Point of View– After the Fire

~Note to readers:

This series is clean (with some battle sequences), and while Cecelia’s Christianity impacts the way she portrays angels, demons, heaven, and hell in her books, the stories are written for and enjoyed by all readers regardless of their beliefs.