Some lovely authors and book bloggers were kind enough to interview me on their blogs. They asked smart, interesting questions. Check out my answers and learn a little more about me, my writing, and my books!

Author Diane Burton interviewed me… find out just how badly I messed up my first manuscript and what my go-to genre is (isn’t it paranormal…??)!

Author Hart Johnson interviewed me… find out how I successfully, or un-successfully?, balance out how much faith I put into my non-Christian genre books AND MORE, like who inspired my characters, is Shady Creek, WI a real place? and what’s NEXT in my series?

Author Ronel Janse van Vuuren interviewed me… find out how I best spend money on my books.

Among the Reads interview… find out whether or not I have a green thumb (among other bookish and non-bookish tidbits!)

Heidi from The Caffeinated Bibliophile interviewed me… find out how long it takes me to write a book.

The Pacific Northwest Bookworm interviewed me… find out which book in The Legend of Shady Creek (Kingdom Come) series is my favorite!